The Internet has revolutionized every aspect of our everyday lives and love can not be an exception!

In a new review published in the Evidence Based Medicine review, experts reveal everything you need to know in order to achieve the desired result in the field of online dating. The survey was based on the results of about 80 earlier studies on the art of erotic attraction and persuasion.

According to the BBC's report, one of the key findings of the researchers was that the playful pseudonym, especially when starting with one of the first letters of the alphabet, is a key component of the success of a personal profile.

The researchers also found that women respond more to pseudonymes indicating some degree of intelligence (eg Cultured), while men respond more to pseudonyms positively predisposing to the external appearance (eg.: Blondie, Cutie).

Names associated with negatively charged concepts (eg: Little) did not seem to have a particular impact on users. On the contrary, playful pseudonyms (like Fun2bwith) were more likely to attract interest.

It is a good idea for the name / nickname to start with one of the first letters of the alphabet to appear high in the alphabetical ranking of the profiles.

And the photo plays its role, of course. An authentic smile is best for a personal profile, researchers note. For women, the slight inclination of the head and a red outfit or accessory seemed to increase the success rates.

If the photo includes other people, it's a good idea for the profile owner to be in a central position and the photo and in a good mood. So that the person looks friendly and pleasant.

As far as the information you give about yourself on your personal profile, it should be honest and positively charged, combining both your character and your preferences.

The information should not be far from reality - we do not need to present ourselves as superheroes, the researchers say!

They also note that men and women are attracted by different traits. Men like a woman to be in good physical condition, not from aggressive sports such as football, but from forms of exercise such as yoga and aerobics. On the other hand, women are more attracted to a guy who looks brave and risky than a man who looks polite.

Also, humor seemed to be an essential ingredient of ... Internet charm. But we must write with humor and not simply say that we have humor.